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At Fitness Options we listen to your needs and aspirations and then help you choose the right exercise & fitness equipment to meet those desires - fitness equipment that feels right, is durable & that achieves results, fitness equipment that looks good, and just as important, fitness equipment that meets your budget.

home & commercial fitness equipment - treadmillsTreadmills (also called running machines or motorised treadmills) are one of the most popular fitness equipment items for your home fitness gym and for commercial gyms. The learning curve is very low as walking and running is a natural form of exercise & the user can easily determine the level of exertion by controlling both speed & incline. Treadmills are not only easy to use & beneficial for health & fitness, but also very effective at burning calories - 20-30 minutes of a gym workout on a treadmill 3 times a week can burn up to 1500 calories.

Currently, treadmills are a very popular choice for meeting home fitness equipment requirements. The main reason is that most now fold, thus reducing the amount of floor space they occupy by two thirds when not in use. Treadmills are also one of the most popular items of fitness equipment at your local fitness gym or health club.

At Fitness Options we offer you a fantastic range of treadmills for every criteria - for those looking to save space or who have a limited budget, through to those with fewer space & budget restrictions who require a full home fitness gym to include treadmills with advanced features, similar to the standards you would find at your local fitness gym or health club.

View our leading brands: Sole Fitness treadmills, Spirit treadmills, Xterra treadmills, Life Fitness treadmills, BH Fitness treadmills and Landice treadmills or view ALL treadmills.

home & commercial fitness equipment - elliptical cross trainersAlso known as cross trainers or elliptical trainers - these fitness machines offer the same cardiovascular benefits as a treadmill but are low impact exercise machines which decrease the stress placed on your joints. The ellipse is an oval shape, which roughly describes the path of your feet as they rise forward and then sink as they move behind your body, so it's a very natural motion. These are very versatile pieces of fitness equipment too, which enable you to work on major muscle groups equally during your gym workout. You can run, walk, stair climb or even cross country ski! Elliptical cross training machines have adjustable resistance, advanced digital displays and are quiet when in operation - elliptical cross trainers are considered by many as the ultimate sports fitness machine!

At Fitness Options we offer you a fantastic range of elliptical cross trainers for every health & fitness criteria - for those looking to save space or who have a limited budget, through to those with fewer space & budget restrictions who require a full home fitness gym including elliptical cross trainers with advanced features, similar to the standards you would find at your local fitness gym or health club.

View our leading brands: BH Fitness elliptical cross trainers, Sole Fitness elliptical crosstrainers, Spirit elliptical crosstrainers, Landice elliptimill and Life Fitness elliptical crosstrainers or view ALL elliptical cross trainers.

home & commercial fitness equipment - exercise bikesExercise bikes provide an excellent fitness workout for the large muscle groups in the legs. Exercise bikes fall into three categories, upright exercise bikes, recumbent exercise bikes & Indoor Training Cycles;
Upright exercise bikes are traditional in appearance to a road bike & are very compact. Many offer programmes that automatically change the resistance to simulate pedaling up hills. These are very popular choices when purchasing home fitness equipment. An upright exercise bike is the choice equipment used for the hugely successful weight loss workout & gym fitness exercise - spinning!
Recumbent Bikes have a bucket type seat that provides great lower back support. You may think that because the ride is so comfortable the workout will be too easy, don't be fooled, you use a lot of muscle groups pedaling a recumbent exercise bike and the workout can really be hard if you want it to be.
Indoor Training Cycles are almost identical to a racer road bike with slim racing saddles, ergonomic style handlebars very similiar to triathlon bikes and either a fixed or free-wheeling flywheel to give a smooth and variable resistance. These are hugely popular with spin classes in a gym, but can also be a great fitness machine in the home too.

At Fitness Options we offer upright exercise bikes which give you the feel of a pedal bike, recumbent exercise bikes where you sit back and pedal putting less strain on your back, indoor training cycles to simulate outdoor cycling without the cold weather plus we offer commercial exercise bikes designed for those serious about their biking fitness workouts.

View our leading brands: BH Fitness exercise bikes, Sole exercise bikes and Spirit exercise bikes, Life Fitness exercise bikes or view ALL exercise bikes.

home & commercial fitness equipment - rowing machinesRowing Machines are in a league of their own for a very intensive upper and lower body workout by exercising all major muscle groups. Serious cardiovascular (CV) fitness training can be done with any piece of quality piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment, but rowing machines lend themselves perfectly to the serious sports, health & fitness enthusiast. Rowing is a low impact exercise with the seat on a rowing machine sliding on rails and handles are attached to cords that simulate the arm motion of using rowing oars.

Rowers use various methods of resistance including magnets, air and water.
Using magnetic rowing machines you can change the resistance manually by moving the magnet closer to the metal flywheel. Electro-magnet rowers do this automatically and allow for pre-set programmes. Air rowing machines provide a very realistic rowing fitness workout. Like water against oars, the harder you pull the greater the resistance. However, if you're serious about indoor rowing, you have to consider a water rower, the original and still the best. These provide a unique resistance mechanism that provides an incredibly smooth stroke and a genuine feel of rowing. You even get the sound of rushing water.

View our range of magnetic, air & water rowing machines.

home & commercial fitness equipment - multi gymsMulti gyms allow you to do multiple muscle exercises on one piece of sports fitness equipment. The most familiar of these machines use one or more weight stacks attached to cables and a system of pulleys to provide resistance. Multi gyms are very versatile pieces of fitness equipment & let you concentrate on different muscle groups and body areas - primarily arms, chest, legs & abdomen. A whole range of multi gym accessories are available too, giving you even more choices of exercises offered from these fitness machines. Multi gyms enable users to exercise safely without the need of a training partner. The latest cable motion systems enable almost free-weights like movements to be performed without the limitations of a fixed linkage machine. Multi gyms are very popular peices of fitness equipment found at fitness gyms & health clubs.

View our leading brands: Inspire multi gyms, Life Fitness multi gyms, or view ALL multi gyms. Browse through our multi gym attachments.

home & commercial fitness equipment - weight training benchesFitness Options also offer a range of sports fitness products such as weights benches, heavy duty weights benches, free weights, bars & discs, dumbbells, barbells, weight storage racks, weight lifting belts, weight lifting gloves, push up bars, pull up bars, resistance bands & smiths machines from all the leading brands including York Olympic, Inspire and RWF.


home & commercial fitness equipment - supplementsWe stock a huge range of health & diet products for people looking to put on lean muscle & achieve weight loss as part of a sensible diet. We feature all leading brands such as PNI, German Forge, IronMaxx, Galvanize, Scitec Nutrition and are happy to offer diet & health advice on the correct supplement for your needs. You don't get THAT from just a website.

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